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You asked for it and here it is! The cleanest, purest copper product we have ever made!! MitoActivator LDS (Low Dose Serving), with its one of a kind patented Cunermuspir (Copper Niacin), is the product with the least ingredients to maximize the coppers effect.

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Cunermuspir: Our key ingredient, defined. Cunermuspir is a coined word for our patented, one of a kind complex for optimal neuromuscular health.

Cu= chemical symbol for Copper, ner=neuro, mus=muscle, pir=spirit

Thus, “Cunermuspir” stands for a copper B3 chelate complex (copper chelated with, or surrounded by, Vitamin B3), a term which you will see in most of the product descriptions below.

We recommend starting with 1 MitoActivator LDS and working your way up. Although the bottle reflects three capsules daily, we recommend starting with 1 and working your way up to 3. When you are comfortable at 3 doses of LDS per day, we recommend you move to regular MitoActivator.

Please keep in mind the MitoActivator product line is ideal for those already taking other supplements. If you are only taking one supplement, we recommend starting with MitoSynergy Advanced, taking 1 a day and working up to 4 day.



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J Avatar of author | 18.5.2019
After the intricately treated borreliosis, this product allowed me to stand on my feet again and live a full life.
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