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You asked for it and here it is! The cleanest, purest copper product we have ever made!! MitoActivator Extra Strength, with its one of a kind patented Cunermuspir (Copper Niacin), is the product with the least ingredients to maximize the coppers effect. This product is extra strength, containing 0.5 mg of Cunermuspir (Copper Vitamin B3 Chelate) per capsule.

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MITOSYNERGY MitoActivator Extra Strength


Cunermuspir: Our key ingredient, defined

Cunermuspir is a coined word for our patented, one of a kind complex for optimal neuromuscular health.

Cu= chemical symbol for Copper, ner = neuro, mus = muscle, pir = spirit.

Thus, “Cunermuspir” stands for a copper B3 chelate complex (copper chelated with, or surrounded by, Vitamin B3), a term which you will see in most of the product descriptions below.

MitoActivator Extra Strength is designed to obtain the maximum benefit from the Cunermuspir, containing 0.5 mg per capsule. The consumer should be taking the Cunermuspir in MitoActivator Extra Strength 30 minutes before food. Following this with MitoFM or MitoEnergy 30 minutes after food, to maximize the effectiveness. MitoActivator Extra Strength must be taken alone, please do not take any other dietary supplements or prescriptions for at least 30 minutes after taking MitoActivator Extra Strength. There are no known negative interactions with dietary supplements or prescription, however dietary supplements or prescription greatly diminishes its effectiveness.



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SN Avatar of author | 13.5.2021
Long story (10 years) short: After a lot of research, I found out about copper, and that all my problems probably were because of the lack of it. Tried it, worked immediately. For every 1 mg I took, I felt better and better. Eventually, I had taken 10 mg the first day, and I felt amazing. Better than I've felt in years. If the price wasn't a problem for you, this product would be a 6 out of 5. The problem for me is I need more than 1 g of copper a day, so the product is expensive. I understand why though. They developed this themself, and few people even know that copper is the most important mineral (together with magnesium), and even fewer people know that copper is not just copper. You need the right type of copper. So the demand is atm low. Now I've bought a weight and the 1 gram copper powder. It cost about the same but has 8 times as much copper as this product. Again, this product is amazing, the only issue is the price.
DR Avatar of author | 16.11.2020
Since I have severe copper deficiency this the products by mito synergy help me a lot. Especially with energy metabolism and iron regulation. Don't know if real copper has the same benefit for every person but yet again nearly everyone is at least slightly deficient in copper because of lack of retinol in our diets.
LM Avatar of author | 5.4.2020
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